Year: 2013

New Sparta Films’ Social Media Goes Live

New Sparta Films is delighted to announce that its Facebook and Twitter pages are now live.

We very much welcome the opportunity to engage with our audiences and give followers an extended and alternative view of New Sparta Films projects. We will be posting interesting and timely trade views, comment and news, in addition to giving followers sneak previews and up-to-date information on some of the films we will be producing in-house.

To engage with, and follow, New Sparta Films on Facebook or Twitter, please follow the links provided here and on our home page.

New Sparta Films has assisted with the financing of forthcoming love story The Silent Storm

New Sparta Films (the film financing and production arm of New Sparta Limited) has assisted with the financing of THE SILENT STORM, a passionate and provocative love story. BAFTA nominee Andrea Riseborough (Shadowdancer, Oblivion) and Golden Globe and Emmy winner Damian Lewis (Homeland, Keane) lead the cast.

The drama was written and will be directed by BIFA-nominated director Corinna Villari-McFarlane, of the critically acclaimed Three Miles North of Molkom. Nicky Bentham (Moon) produces for Neon Films, alongside Eon Productions’ Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, who executive produce.

Riseborough stars as Aislin, an enigmatic outsider living on a wild and remote Scottish island. She is caught between her commanding husband, a Minister (Lewis), and the vitality of a 17 year-old delinquent, who is sent to live with them as part of a rehabilitation scheme. His youthful nature ignites a passion within her, which offers her a way out of a life bound by convention and into the world beyond.

“It is very exciting to me to be working with Corinna, a director who has a fresh female voice and a strong creative vision”, said Executive Producer Barbara Broccoli. “Her inspiring script has attracted two of Britain’s most talented actors and we believe that she will make a powerful film”

Marc Samuelson (Arlington Road, The Disappearance of Alice Creed), Steve Milne (Moon, The King’s Speech, McCullin) and Hani Farsi (The Time That Remains) also executive produce. Farsi’s Corniche Pictures, Wilson and Broccoli’s Eon Productions, and Milne’s British Film Company finance the picture along with New Sparta Limited, HW Buffalo and support from the Film Agency for Wales.

New Sparta Films develops The Kiss

New Sparta Films is developing, as a feature film, an original story by Jonathan Finney, (working title) ‘The Kiss’.

This Russian-set story, starting in 1975 and offering a glimpse of a glamorous and extraordinarily wealthy life in contemporary and near future Russia, offers a gritty portrayal of a society in flux, where great change and wealth is possible, whilst exposing dark undercurrents on an epic scale.

The two protagonists meet as children and the story unfolds as a revenge-tragedy.

This intricate and intelligent story of betrayal and revenge between two friends unfolds through a series of unexpected reveals, illustrating the weaknesses of human nature and the subsequent destruction caused by greed, love, loyalty, jealousy and insecurity. The last reveal of the plot delivers the ultimate hammer blow.

The film project is currently in development directly with New Sparta Films.