New Sparta Films develops The Kiss

New Sparta Films is developing, as a feature film, an original story by Jonathan Finney, (working title) ‘The Kiss’.

This Russian-set story, starting in 1975 and offering a glimpse of a glamorous and extraordinarily wealthy life in contemporary and near future Russia, offers a gritty portrayal of a society in flux, where great change and wealth is possible, whilst exposing dark undercurrents on an epic scale.

The two protagonists meet as children and the story unfolds as a revenge-tragedy.

This intricate and intelligent story of betrayal and revenge between two friends unfolds through a series of unexpected reveals, illustrating the weaknesses of human nature and the subsequent destruction caused by greed, love, loyalty, jealousy and insecurity. The last reveal of the plot delivers the ultimate hammer blow.

The film project is currently in development directly with New Sparta Films.