New Sparta Films has the unique advantage of being able to directly finance both the development and production of our in-house slate. Our projects consist of original ideas and stories from the public domain, as well as dramatic adaptions of published works that we have optioned.

We seek to team up with the highest quality writers and directors for their distinctive vision of the material, prioritising creative excellence, wide international appeal, and emotional connection above all else. New Sparta Films will also work with independent production partners to co-finance the development and production of projects where there is mutual interest.

We are a small, but very experienced, development team and we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with writers and directors to achieve the very best outcome for the film. We work in a collaborative and supportive manner with our development partners, putting the film first from both a creative and commercial perspective.

From the initial story or idea, through to production and distribution, New Sparta Films nurtures each individual project through the entire process, taking a fully collaborative approach, establishing lasting partnerships with talent, co-producers, sales agents and distributors.