In addition to our bespoke film investment capabilities, NSF has 3 distinct production areas: in-house production from our own IP and sourced material; co-production in partnership with specially selected producers and projects; and production-servicing for international productions seeking to film in the UK.

NSF is a co-producer in the fullest sense of the term: our co-financing capabilities come with equal responsibility, commitment, and involvement in the physical production, as well as all production decisions, both creative and financial. Co-production projects are sourced through a rigorous submissions and selection process from writers, directors, producers, and talent of the highest calibre.

NSF is also in a position to offer a production service to international producers wishing to film in the UK.

Christopher Simon, our Head of Production, will physically produce all of our projects, whether production, co-production, or production-servicing. Christopher most recently produced Catherine Hardwicke’s Miss You Already, starring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. The film, fully financed by NSF, sold worldwide, and went on to receive a Gala Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2015.